Pandemonium V3 Overdrive

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Pandemonium – A place of uproar and chaos, that’s what it translates to and I guess you could say that about the overdrive this pedal pushes out as well.
With the success of the prevoius versions I decided to fine tune the EQ for more mids and smash some new graphics on there as well.
As a former member and co-founder of the band Vildhjarta I’m pretty familiar with the metallic sound associated with progressive metal that artists in the genre are looking for and therefore came up with the Pandemonium to help others to get in to that territory. With the success of the prevoius versions I decided to fine tune the EQ for more mids and smash some new graphics on there as well.
Most people won’t undertsand that heavyness in tone is not always within the amount of gain you dial in on your amp/modeller. Most bands/artists in this genre have in fact very little gain dialed in.
Basically what you want is to boost your base signal as much as you can yet keep it relatively low gain to get a punchy and agressive tone.

The new Pandemonium V3 is one step further in the right direction for your success with that. It would be a lie saying it’s a “metal-in-one-box” pedal because that’s not what it’s supposed to be but rather a tool for you to achive it.

The pedal has loads of potential for all kind of applications and not only in heavy music, it’s also a very versatile overdrive for the regular guitar player and could easily replace Tube Screamers and such on any board.

With it’s massive clean boost capable of about 30db volume boost getting crisp palm muted riffing is an easy task. Version 1 had a flip switch to get a slight boost in the upper mids/treble zone. Version 3 has a completely reworked EQ section with separate knobs for bass boost, mids and treble. The clipping section (Comp) has been completely reworked as well and now consists of variable MOSFET clipping for endless adjustments and tube like warmth.

Pedals such as the Tubescreamer and alot of other overdrives uses silicon diodes for clipping. Silicon diodes will give you a more compressed and unnatural type of sound where mosfets will preserve your tone and sound more open and realistic.
The opamp driving this pedal has been carefully selected after loads of experimenting I was finally happy with the texture this specific opamp gave me in this circuit along with the mosfet clipping.
V2 will just like the V1 feature a built in voltage doubler but this time it features “true” voltage doubling. What this means is that you plug a 9VDC adapter in and the pedal will be running at “18VDC” (dual supply -9V/+9V) internally to allow for more headroom and clearness.

Due to restrictions of the IC handling the voltage doubling no more then 12VDC should be plugged in, any higher voltage input will blow the IC.

There's a "Boost" stompswitch along with knobs for pre-gain and post-gain. They will let you adjust the gain and texture of the sound even more and let you have total control over your tone. You won’t really be able to get a whole lot more gain out of the pedal but rather be able to really adjust the sound to your taste. It can also be used as a second channel sort of for solos and such by having the ability to activate it with the second stomp.

· 100% Handcrafted and Handwired in Sweden
· Professionally fabricated 3PDT mounted PCB
· True-Bypass Operation
· Neutrik Jacks
· Alpha Potentiometers
· High Quality AWG22 Straded Wiring
· Standard 2.1mm 9VDC plug (18V “-9/+9″ thanks to internal circuit)
· White LED(s)
· Laser Engraved Faceplate
Pandemonium V2 Deluxe/Standard Manual

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